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The sky was burning up like fireworks

Didn't mean a thing to you

I hate bios...=P To sum up basically who I am, I'll tell ya this...I'm an overly obsessed Jonas Brothers fan who is one of the original 2005 fans, I write way too much, vampires kick ass (from Twilight to Vampire Diaries, I love em all =P), I'm a bit of a tomboy, my favorite food is pizza and ice cream, Joick is my (secret) guilty pleasure, I say ya'll but I'm not from the south (I'm from friggin Cleveland =P), Mitchel Musso and David Henrie are my rebelling bad boys (Disney can suck it! These boys are effin amazing!), I'm overly hyper half the time, I trip over my own two feet every day, I consider my dad my best friend, I think Miley Cyrus is down right fucking amazing but her dad is insane, I'd die without music, I actually get along with my brother (he's my twin!! =D No, not really. But everyone thinks so =P), God is my main man (=P) and I love Him more than anything, I still sleep with a teddy bear (his name is Cookie! =D), I didn't like Camilla Belle even before she broke my poor Joey's heart (anyone else cry when they saw him cry???), I support Jemi with 110% off my being (come ON! You know those two were meant to be!), a majority of what comes out of my mouth is either completely random or not the least bit thought through, Demi Lovato is my friggin hero (after everything she did to get back at Trace, how can she not be!? "How long's it gonna take before, you see she looks like me!?" Bahaha! My fave! =D), I suck at picking friends (I think I've lost a majority of the friends I end up making cuz I'm a terrible judge of character), and....I'm rambling. Do ya'll get the gist of it? Hopefully cuz I'm done writing stuff. =P