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Fic: Chinese, Movies, and Joey
Title: Chinese, Movies, and Joey
Pairing: Joe/Nick
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2717
Summary: A Valentine's Day Nick won't soon forget.
I really wanted to do something fluffy and fun. Cuz I'd read a really adorable, fluffy one-shot (damn can't remember name or author) and I was in the mood. =) I'm definitely gonna try to find the story/author cuz this story's totally dedicated to her. =)
So anyways, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Even if it is the day after. =P

Nick poked his head just inside the door, glancing around for any sign of his brother. The apartment looked deserted.

"Joey?" he called out, slowly taking a step inside.


Nick was suddenly shoved back against the wall, two strong arms working their way around his middle. He felt soft, thick hair tickle his cheek as Joe nearly crushed his ribs in a massive bear hug, nose nuzzling into his baby brother's neck. Nick giggled and returned the hug.

"Nicky I missed you!" Joe whined, lifting his head to look at Nick.

Nick chuckled. "It was just for the day," he reminded.

Joe pouted, full lips turning down as Nick's words crushed his excitement. One day or one year, Joe still didn't like it. "It was a day too long. I've barely seen you the last month," he pointed out.

Nick knew he was right. With touring and CD promotions, the brothers rarely got a chance to hang out together. The most they've hung out since Nick's tour started in January was at the Grammys. And both knew it wasn't the same as throwing on old sweats with holes in the knees and t-shirts that didn't exactly fit right and laying side by side under the blankets on the bed, watching a movie or some random TV show until four in the morning when they'd fall asleep cuddled together. That was Joe and Nick time. And they were both in desperate need of it.

Joe released his hold on Nick, stepping back so the younger boy could actually enter the apartment. "So now that you're here, why don't we get this party started?" Joe bounced over to the entertainment center, bought by Garbo when he was annoyed with sticking the TV up on some old moving boxes they had. And JT decided a high-def flat screen was necessary. Joe just provided the DVDs.

"What're we watching tonight?" Nick asked, dropping his bag onto the couch and slipping his jacket off, which he slung over the arm of the couch before collapsing beside his bag.

"Well, what do you wanna watch?" Joe questioned, examining the rather larger selection they had. Horror movies for their famous 'roomies night' and that romantic shit when someone decided to bring a girl over. Plus plenty of comedy.

"No horror or too romantic," Nick replied, noticing when Joe let his hand linger for too long over one of the many Saw movies he owned. The older boy played it off like no big deal, despite his obvious want to watch something scary and bloody. Valentine's Day means nothing that involves someone in a mask attacking people with chain saws.

"How bout..." Joe trailed off as his eyes wandered, desperate to find something. Those are the times when he hated having such a large selection of DVDs. It made choosing harder. He turned and looked at Nick. "Sound of Music? You always loved that one."

Nick quickly shook his head, unruly curls flinging around his head. "No singing. I finally get a break from that. I'm ready to take it," he replied.

Joe never thought he'd hear the day Nick Jonas said he's annoyed with singing. For god's sake it's Nicholas Jonas. The kid lived for music. "You don't want singing? You?" He couldn't contain his smirk as he teased his brother.

Nick rolled his eyes. "Yeah, ok, I don't want any singing. Big shocker, I know." He crossed his arms and frowned, looking anywhere but at Joe. He wasn't in the mood to get teased.

Joe was suddenly in front of him, leaning down and pressing his forehead to Nick's. "I'm sorry, baby boy. I didn't mean to upset you. You're just never tired of singing. That's usually all you do," he pointed out.

Nick looked at him, eyes sad. "I've missed you. And singing was the reason I could never see you," he stated, voice low and almost broken.

Joe quickly hugged Nick, pressing his brother tightly to his chest. "I'm sorry, Nicky. Don't be sad. It's Valentine's Day and we're together and we're gonna have fun. Ok?" He looked down at him, gently pushing his curls from his eyes.

Nick nodded slowly. "Ok. Now go pick a good movie while I go make some popcorn," he said, smiling that imperfectly perfect smile that made Joe's heart jump.

"Oh, I also ordered Chinese. Haven't had a Chinese night in god knows how long," Joe stated, trying to think back to the last time him and his brothers sat down with enough Chinese food for thirty and ate most of it while sitting in front of the TV and laughing about the stupidest shit.

"The week before Kev's wedding," Nick said, breaking Joe's train of thought. "That was the last time."

Joe nodded slowly, remembering the night well. "That was also the night..." He trailed off, looking up at Nick with those bright doe-eyes that Nick adored.

"That was the night I told you I love you," Nick recalled, smiling to himself as he remembered that immense feeling of joy when his brother returned those same three words and kissed him like his life depended on it.

Joe smiled lightly. He leaned closer and said, "Best night ever," before kissing Nick quickly and standing up, returning to the DVD hunting.

Nick smiled as he watched him, admiring his brother's perfect body. His amazing muscles and tanned skin and beautiful smile that made Nick melt in ways no girl ever managed. He didn't mind blatantly staring at him. After having to hide it for so long, this was rather refreshing.

It amazed Nick how easy they fell into this, how nothing ever felt awkward. How he could think 'This is my brother' as Joe had him pinned below him on the bed and not even feel the urge to shove him away. It was almost as if this all just came naturally to them. Nothing was forced, nothing had to be worked at. It was all just there, waiting to be explored. He figured growing up so closely to Joe probably helped in making this come just so easily to them. But even with reasoning, Nick was still amazed. Probably would be for the rest of his life, no matter where this relationship went. He kind of liked it.


Nick shook his head, clearing his mind and looked at Joe, who was holding up a DVD. High School Musical.

Nick laughed, memories flooding back of cramped motel rooms with one bed and a crappy TV, singing and dancing along, with two large pizzas and way too much strawberry ice cream sitting on the bed. "Really, Joseph?" He laughed again.

Joe nodded enthusiastically. He knew this was once a favorite between them, knew Nick had loved the idea of Disney doing a musical. Then their musical craze faded, and the pop cult disappeared like most knew it would, and the DVD had been left to collect dust at the back of Joe's shelves. Until right then.

"You know you used to love it, Nicky," Joe teased, smirking his famous heart-stopping smirk. Nick sucked in a breath at the sight, as Joe continued on, "Don't even try to deny it."

Nick counted ten, calmed his racing heart and flipping stomach, and nodded his head. "Alright. Let's watch it."

Joe's smile widened, taking up most of his face. It made Nick smile right back, both of them just sitting there, smiling like idiots, both thinking the same thing; 'God I love him'.

When the doorbell rang, the two broke their stares and Joe turned to the DVD player. "Nicky, get that," he said as he opened the DVD case.

Nick stood up from the couch, pulling at his sweatpants as they slipped lower on his slender hips. He opened the door and was immediately hit with the smell of fried rice and teriyaki chicken. He smiled lightly, quickly paid the delivery boy, and set the steaming food on the coffee table in front of the couch.

"Did you order the sweet n sour chicken?" Nick questioned, digging through the bags.

Joe grabbed the DVD remote and jumped to his feet, walking over to Nick. "Of course. It's not Chinese night without it." He smiled and fell back onto the couch.

Nick continued to dig through the bags. "What else did you get?" He felt Joe's arms wrap tightly around his waist, pulling him down onto the couch. He fell heavily beside Joe, half his body in Joe's lap. Joe nuzzled his nose into Nick's curls, squeezing tightly. "I love you, Nicky," he whispered.

Nick smiled and glanced over his shoulder at him, locking eyes. "I love you too, Joey."

Joe smiled, kissed him quickly, and pulled him closer. Nick turned and cuddled against his big brother's chest, wrapping his arms around his middle.

Joe reached for the food, pulling what he could onto the couch. He set it in his lap and Nick sat up a little, making things easier for the both of them.

"Play!" Joe announced, grabbing the remote from beside him and pressing play, watching the main menu fade and the movie began.

Nick ate a spoonful of the fried rice, feeling content with Joe, doing what felt familiar, what felt right. Chinese food and cheesy movies and Joe. That's what he knew. That's what he craved. That's what he loved. Not even singing and playing and performing felt as right as this did. Because Joe was what made things so familiar, what made Nick feel like he was at home, not trapped in a world he still wasn't completely sure he belonged in. Joe kept him going, kept him grounded, kept him here.

Don't get him wrong. Music was a big part of him. But it wasn't who he was. And Joe was the one who saw that, who saw past the walls the music put up, saw deep into what Nick was, who Nick was. He was the only one willing to crawl over that wall, reach Nick in ways no one could. And Nick never complained. Because it was Joe. And Joe was a part of him, in more ways than blood. Linked by something more powerful. Something not even Nick's lyrics could explain. It was a mystery that intrigued Nick, kept him coming back.

About half way through the movie, when Gabriella was singing that sad song that Nick was surprised he still knew the words to, the food was gone and the boys were cuddled under a blanket, not really watching the movie.

Joe had his arm wrapped around Nick as Nick cuddled against his side, head on his chest. There legs were tangled together, feet pressed together to keep them warm. Joe was rubbing Nick's arm gently, raising goose bumps on the tender flesh. Nick was gripping Joe's t-shirt in his fist, listening to his heart beat, a performer's heart beat. Music was a part of him. Nick loved it, loved its soothing sound.

Nick felt his eyes slip close, his breathing slow, and with the last feel of Joe's lips in his hair, he fell asleep.

Nick felt hands in his hair, stroking it gently as Joe's voice filled his senses.

"Nicky, wake up."

Nick cracked an eye open, looked up at Joe, who was smiling at him lovingly. Yawning quickly, Nick glanced at the clock on the wall. "How long have I been out?" he questioned, rubbing his eyes.

Joe pushed his curls back out of his face. "Few hours. I didn't wanna wake you," he told him.

Nick looked at him, still feeling sleep-ridden. "So did you just watch me sleep?" he wondered.

Joe shrugged. "You just looked too cute to wake up," he admitted, smiling lightly.

Nick smiled back, leaning forward and kissing Joe, slowly yet deeply, hand finding his hair. Joe returned it, one hand on Nick's upper arm, the other still wrapped around his back.

Nick loved the fluttery feeling in his stomach, that loving bubble that told him that this was forever, that this would never end. He'd found who he was meant for, who was meant for him. Searching for so long and having the answer always there, just a step behind him, hidden in the darkness. Now it was out there. He'd stepped out of that shadow and took a chance, finding it to be the best decision of his life. Sure, it'd be difficult. They'd have to stay hidden, save things for quiet nights when everyone was asleep or those rare days where they got some time off, take a plane to somewhere no one knew them, and love the way they wish they could. It'd be hard work. But as Joe pulled Nick closer, pressed their chests together, laid back until Nick was hovering over him, he knew he didn't care.

They broke apart, smiling lazy at each other as they breathed each other in, loving the close proximity.

"How bout we head to bed. I'm tired," Joe suggested.

Nick shook his head, pressed his forehead to Joe's. "I just wanna kiss you," he whispered, lips brushing over his brother's.

Joe smiled and kissed Nick quickly. "Come on, Nicky. Save it for another night. I'm tired. You're tired. Let's just head to bed. Continue this in the morning," he suggested, slowly sitting up.

Nick climbed off him, pouting. "It's Valentine's Day," he reminded.

Joe smiled and leaned forward, pressing a sweet kiss to Nick's lips. "I love you, Nicky. So much." He kissed him again. "So, so, so, so, so, so, so, soooo much!" He kissed him sloppily and Nick giggled as Joe practically tackled him to the couch. "Sooooooo much, Nicky! So, so, so, so, soooo freaking much!"

Nick was giggling uncontrollably, unable to actually kiss Joe back. Joe didn't care. He simply covered his baby brother's face in kisses, touching every available inch of skin, kissing each freckle, his eyelids and cheeks and nose. Especially his nose. It made Nick giggle more.

"You're adorable when you giggle," Joe stated, nuzzling his nose against Nick's.

Nick bit his lip, staring up at Joe, eyes wide in wonder. "I love you too."

Joe smiled and finally kissed his lips, hands tenderly cradling his face, thumb stroking his cheek affectionately, in the way that made Nick's tummy flip so much he almost couldn't breathe.

"Ready for bed now?" Joe questioned, pulling back and looking down at Nick. He shrugged. "I guess."

Joe climbed off of him, reaching his hand out to grab hold of Nick's pulling him to his feet and into his bedroom. He kept pulling him until they reached the bed, falling back onto it and dragging Nick with him. They lay side by side, just staring at each other, smiling.

Nick extended his hand, running his fingers down Joe's face, tracing every feature. He ran his thumb over Joe's lips, allowing Joe to kiss the pad of his finger.

"God, I love you," he breathed out in utter amazement, wondering how in God's name he got so lucky, how he managed to claim this beautiful boy in front of him as his.

Joe smiled. "I love you too. More than anything. More than the music or the fame or the fans. Your mine, Nicky. You always have been and always will be."

Nick knew he was telling the truth, knew that deep down, he always had belonged to Joe, and Joe had always been his. It just took them all their lives to acknowledge it. And now that they have, they knew they'd always be together, no matter what the future held for them.

They crawled under the covers, cuddling close together, arms wrapped tightly around one another, legs tangled together. Nick had never felt as safe as when he was wrapped in Joe's warm embrace. It promised love and protection. He never wanted to leave it.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Nicky."

"Happy Valentine's Day, Joey."

They fell asleep, wrapped up in each other, closed off from the outside world, if only for the night. Come morning, they'd return to flashing lights and busy lives and sneaking touches when no one was paying attention. But they wouldn't worry about that. Because at the moment, they had each other. To them, that was more than enough.

Good? Bad? Alright? I'm still learning. Just wanted to get this up before I went to the movies with my besties. Going to see Valentine's Day! Appropriate no? =)


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